Thursday, April 11, 2013

Picture of the Day: April 1st to April 7th

April 1st: We lahve thee moon!! (Remember that weird hamster Quiznos sub commercial?) I think I actually forgot to take a picture today! I blame it on being sleepy after the mid. As an apology, please accept my offering of a moon picture I took a few weeks ago when the moon was crazy big. 

April 2nd: Holding short of Runway 3 at CHO. I took my student back to Charlottesville today for some more tower field practice. He did pretty well (despite claiming that he felt even more uncomfortable this time than the first time), and I only had to prompt him once or twice with what to say. Maybe part of it was landing on the other runway with a right traffic pattern...both things that I was happy about as an instructor, but probably didn't make him feel any more comfortable with things. The tower had us hold short for takeoff so that a King Air could land in front of us on the way back out.

April 3rd: Flowers at Meadows Farms. I found out this morning that the plane I had been hoping to buy was sold out from under me. *sigh*  I was fairly despondent, but Mark managed to distract me for a little while with a trip to Lowe's and the nursery.

April 4th: Sleepy doggies. Believe me, I wish I could just sleep in the sun all afternoon, too!

April 5th: Standing under the wing of what may possibly become my new airplane. After getting mad about the other one being sold out from under me, I immediately starting looking for a replacement...and managed to find one at an airport a little over an hour from my house. It's a 1980 Cessna 172, just had the engine overhauled, and has all the radios I want. So far everything looks good...I'll be coming back in the morning to test fly it!

April 6th: Crossing the river from MD to MY new plane!! I got to test fly it this morning and it runs and handles great, so when we landed I told the owner I'd take it. Now all I need to do is get the paperwork sorted out so I can bring it home!

April 7th: Windows on one of the buildings downtown. It was absolutely gorgeous out today and Mark and I didn't have the mid, so we went for a walk after work. 

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