Thursday, April 18, 2013

Picture of the Day: April 8th to April 14th

April 8th: Pomonkey trying to get under the fence at work. This big turtle has been hanging around the pond at work for a couple years, and I always keep an eye out for it when I walk the track. (I forget when, but someone named the turtle after one of the powerline patrol guys we see a lot in out airspace.) It was stuck on the other side of the fence today, though. 

April 9th: Parked at ANP. The weather finally cooperated so I could do my buddy John's BFR, and he wanted to fly through the SFRA to Annapolis. It was pretty neat to actually get to see the airspace I work all the time! We stayed low under the Class B airspace, wrapped our way around the FRZ, and looked down the long runways at Andrews before making our way over to ANP. The airport is neat but little, with a displaced threshold on a 2500' runway and tall trees at one end. We made it in there just fine, though, hung out for a bit, then made our way back to Warrenton and ended with a localizer under the hood...John's first intro to instrument approaches! It was a pretty fun flight.

April 10th: Gravelly Point! I love this place...the park sits just north of Runway 1/19 at DCA, so when they're landing to the south all of the planes I talk to at work come in right over your head. Like, RIGHT over your head. Mark and I brought our bikes here and biked across the bridge into DC to see the cherry blossoms. It was really pretty but crowded, even for a weekday. I'll have more pictures from our trip in another post soon.

April 11th: Daffodils at work. There are a LOT of these blooming right now...I just wish my camera phone would have done a better job catching how pretty they are.

April 12th: Our viburnum bloomed! It's right by our porch in our front yard, so you can smell it as you come and go.

April 13th: Manassas Runway 5k/10k - my first race this year!! This was also my first race since I messed up my hamstring, so it was really nice just to get back out there. I ran/walk the 5k and finished in 37:12 without hurting myself, and my friend Jen ran the 10k and managed to take 3rd in her division. She is speedy! I took this while running down Taxiway B, and I'll have a race report up on this with some neat pictures soon.   :)

April 14: Tiny turtle on the track. This week has started and ended with turtles!  

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