Sunday, April 28, 2013

Picture of the Day: April 22nd to April 28th

April 22nd: New living room windows! Mark and I got home from the mid about half an hour before the construction guys came to start working on our house. I somehow managed to get a couple hours of sleep, even with all the hammering, and by the end of the day we had a few new windows in the living room as well as a new set of fold-up steps for the attic. No skylights, though...turns out our kitchen has a double roof just like the rest of the house, and between that and a hodge podge of support beams it would have been an expensive nightmare to put in skylights. Oh win some, you lose some. At least these windows aren't painted shut like the old ones were!

April 23rd: Day two of construction - our new back door. It's really nice to have a door that doesn't slam or get caught on the cement outside, plus I really like the color. I was a little better prepared today for the construction and had a bit more sleep under my belt, but it will be nice to get our house back to normal. We also got some insulation for our attic, so in theory it shouldn't get quite as hot upstairs in the summer. With the exception of a hole in our kitchen ceiling, which will be fixed later this week, the construction is done!

April 24th: My airplane...WITHOUT the flight school stickers on the tail! I stopped by the shop to see if they could fix a couple little things while I'm gone next week (they're going to replace the bent tail tiedown ring as well as the lock on the door), and between me and the mechanic we managed to get the red flight school stickers off the tail. The airplane feels MUCH more like it's mine now!   :)

April 25th: Furlough day trip to NJ! I was furloughed today, so rather than sit at home and mope (because at that point I had cabin fever so bad that I needed to get away from the house for a while), I flew my new plane up to NJ to have lunch with my parents and brother! Mark managed to get the day off, too, so it was a good way to test out a few things along the way, like the flight plan part of the Garmin 430 and Mark's shiny new Lightspeed Zulu headset (he spent a good bit of the flight listening to his mp3 player). We couldn't stay too long because we didn't have a pet sitter for the dogs, but it was nice to at least sneak up there for a couple hours and get home before the dogs left messes all over the place. I'll have more pictures from this trip in a later post.   :)

April 26th: Back to work. We were pretty short staffed on the eve shift, thanks to the furloughs, but I at least  got a couple breaks and did a few laps around the track. It's pretty frustrating to be this understaffed, but it shouldn't be for much longer - the furloughs are ending soon! I'm not going to get too in depth here about how I feel on the whole situation, so I'll just say that I'm grateful they're ending and leave it at that.

April 27th: Time to pack again! Mark and I are leaving for a week-long trip this coming Monday afternoon. Some of you may already know where we're going, but for everyone else I'll let it be a surprise (your one clue - that is my passport in the lower right part of the picture). We have a direct flight out of Dulles and a pet sitter coming to our house several times a day to take care of the dogs and keep an eye on our house (so if you were planning to break in, don't waste your time), and we have an extra full day off on the back side of our trip before we have to go back to work, so it shouldn't be anywhere near as exhausting as the last couple trips have been. The trip kind of snuck up on me, but since my suitcases are already open and there are a couple things near them, I figure I'm already way ahead of schedule as far as packing goes.

April 28th: Look at all that progress! I have the mid tonight, but before heading back in after the day shift I managed to get a few more things packed. There's still a bunch of stuff to do in the morning, along with sleeping for at least a little while somewhere in there, but I guess if I'm tired all day maybe I'll at least get some sleep on the flight.   :)

I probably won't have any updates for the next week and a half or so, until we get back and unpacked and sleep off the jet lag, but I'll be bringing back a LOT of pictures and will hopefully have some very cool blog posts coming up soon (as well as wrapping up the four or five other posts I already have in the works)! In the meantime, have a good week!

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