Friday, April 26, 2013

Picture of the Day: April 15th to April 21st

April 15th: Mark's new favorite drink is beer. Or not! He got me some Presidente (a Dominican beer we've read about in a Caribbean sailing book) and wanted to try some to see what the hype was about. I thought it was pretty good, but he wasn't exactly the biggest fan.

April 16th: Aurora at HWY. Jane Wicker is a wing walker based at a nearby airport, and her plane was at Warrenton today. I helped push it back in the hangar to keep it out of the wind. 

April 17th: New Airplane Day!! I got all my loan paperwork sent back, so Mark and I drove up to JYO (Leesburg) so I could wrap up all the final paperwork and pick up my new plane. It's still sinking in that I get to keep this one!!   :)

April 18th: New socks from Target. I ran a bunch of errands after picking up my plane yesterday and got sucked into Target in the process. At least this time I made it out of there fairly cheaply!

April 19th: Checking my tiedown ropes. It's supposed to storm tonight, so I wanted to make sure my plane was tied down really well.

April 20th: The backside of a Gulfstream III at HWY. I stopped at the airport after work to see how my plane made it through the storms the night before, and this shiny plane was sitting on the ramp! It was so big that even though it's a low wing, I could walk under the wing without ducking.

April 21st: Bacon loses. Mark and I both have the mid this week but she wasn't being very good, so into the pen she goes. Plus Mark was messing with me so I told him his butt was going to be the picture of the day today.


  1. Sarah, it was so nice to hear your voice on the freq today. It tells me that I'm home.

    I've been on the ground for 3 weeks due to a combination of N631S's Annual and some rather nasty wx, so it was a joy to get back into the sky today.

    I'm happy to hear that recent Congressional action may alleviate your furloughs (I hope that the re-programming can extend to keeping the contract towers up and running).

    Enjoy the new airplane!


  2. Hi Frank!! :)

    Sorry if I sounded a little grumpy when you were on frequency...I had been getting my butt kicked a bit! It was nice to hear you, too, and good to see that you're back in the air again! I know how it feels to be stuck on the ground, and it's definitely a good feeling to be back in the sky.

    As of today they're suspending furloughs! I'm glad the furloughs are done...I totally agree that there are some things in the FAA that could be cut, but things that impact safety should not be among them. The past couple days haven't been very fun with the reduced staffing, so it's nice to know that things should be a bit better in the near future.

    And thanks - the new plane is great! I'm hoping to start chipping away at my CFII later this year, so it'll be great for that, and I used my furlough day on Thursday as an excuse to fly it back home to NJ to grab lunch with my parents and brother. It's always nice to visit my original home airport and catch up with my buddies back in NJ! I'm still keeping my C120, too, since it's paid off and it's my baby, but the C172 will be much better in the wind and I can actually start flying IFR again. It's been a while! :)