Monday, June 10, 2013

Picture of the Day: May 8th to May 12th:

Since our trip just filled up the last week and a bit, I'm counting all of those posts as pictures of the day and just picking up from when we got back. I'll get this blog all caught up someday!

May 8th: We woke up the next morning to find what looked like aliens growing in one of our trees. Turns out it's cedar apple rust, some sort of fungus that affects both cedar and apple trees. Since we had our apple tree cut down last year, hopefully this stuff will go away!

May 9th: THIS is the delicious dark chocolate spread I had in Belgium. I had to bring a jar of it home because it was so good. I'll have to look around and see if I can find this in the US...

May 10th: My C172 looks slightly less like a trainer! When I bought it the tail tiedown ring was a bit banged up, thanks to renters making some not-so-nice soft field landings and dragging the tail down the runway. I had my shop put a brand new tiedown ring on the tail...and since I have no intention of smacking the tail, it should stay nice and shiny for a long time.

May 11th: Clouds and a tree in our backyard. I think it was still rainy and mucky.

May 12th: I had day/mid today, but I at least took the time to hang up my VFR chart from the Netherlands and put a sticker on EHLE. Another new airport done!

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