Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Picture of the Day: May 13th to May 19th

May 13th: Ahh...back to Burger Mondays! Mark even picked up some Heineken so I could pretend I was still in Amsterdam, since that's what I drank almost every night.

May 14th: Flying wiener dog! Just kidding, though she did like getting petted by all the line guys at the office. I had hoped to fly the C172 to Winchester today for an oil change but set part of a bird's nest on fire under my cowling, so that put a dent in my plans. The plane was fine, but by the time I had pulled all the little twigs and leaves out of the engine compartment it was getting a little late. I went to the hardware store instead to pick up a fake hawk to put under the plane...we'll see how well that works!

May 15th: Off to OKV! No bird's nest today, so I was able to fire the C172 right up and hop over to OKV for the oil change. Free maintenance...no way am I turning that down! I took this just after I crossed over the first set of ridges; that's the Shenandoah River off to the side.

May 16: The iris in our backyard finally bloomed! It only took three years. Each year a spiky set of leaves would sprout near the concrete platform in our backyard, but nothing would happen - no flowers, nothing. This year we lucked out and finally found out that the spiky leaves are actually an iris. Pretty!

May 17: Final for Runway 3 at Charlottesville. Mark and I both worked eve shifts, so we used the morning to go fly the C172 for a bit. We did a quick trip down to CHO for a touch and go, then came back. I made Mark do all the radio work since it's his airport (well, he works the arrivals and departures for them).   :)

May 18: Another rainy day. Yuck! At least the peonies liked it.

May 19: My rose bush is going nuts! I didn't realize when it showed up as a little stick in the mail that it would eventually get huge and churn out roses like there was no tomorrow. We've been cutting a couple at a time and putting them in a vase on our table. They smell so nice!

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