Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Picture of the Day: May 20th to May 26th

May 20th: The pattern on a dress I bought in Belgium. One of the stores we went to had all sorts of cool clothes; I wish they had stores like that here! I would have bought a LOT more if I had more space in my luggage. Oh well...maybe next time...   :)

May 21st: New headset bag! A fancy Lululemon top that I ordered came with this reusable bag, which just happens to be the perfect size for carrying around my David Clark headset when I'm instructing. Much better than trying not to drop the headset jacks on the ramp!

May 22nd: I finally got my student back in the air today after a several week break. We spent the flight reviewing a LOT of maneuvers. The clouds out by the mountains were little wisps when we took off, and by the time we landed were well on their way to becoming full blown thunderstorms. (I took this pretty early in the flight.)

May 23rd: Mmm...chocolate for breakfast. I grabbed this on our last day in Amsterdam; it was one of the things you could put on your toast. 

May 24th: My new Bose X headset! Mark bought it for me as a 'happy new airplane' present. They don't make these anymore, but he found a used one in great shape on ebay. I can't wait to try it out!

May 25th: I picked up a bunch of tiny flower pots from Walmart, and finally got around to starting some flower seeds. Hopefully it's not too late...I feel like I'm so far behind with getting my garden all planted this year!

May 26th: New flowers for the front flower bed. Mark made the mistake of taking me to a nursery on the way home from our day shift when we had day/mid. He should know I get spendy when I'm sleepy!

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