Sunday, July 14, 2013

Adventure Time! Now, Featuring Zach. :)

After working the mid I went home, slept for about an hour, and got up again, just in time for my brother to pull into my driveway. Who needs sleep when you can take your brother to Iceland for a couple days?   :)

Actually, we both took naps right after he got there. After a while we got up, had breakfast, made a quick run to Target for some last minute trip essentials, and came back so we could both finish packing. 

Bacon helped me pack. And by helped, I mean sat on my soft fleece whenever she wasn't jamming her beak into my suitcase.

I eventually finished packing and we said goodbye to Mark before leaving for the airport. Mark decided to sit this trip out and instead took the dogs up to NJ for a couple days to catch up with family. We made decent time on the way to the airport and zipped through security, which meant we had plenty of time left for dinner before our flight left.

We grabbed dinner at Harry's in Terminal A at Dulles. I wasn't expecting much since it was technically airport food, but the sliders were really good.


The flight took about five hours and I managed to doze through about three and a half to four hours of that. I woke up at one point somewhere around 3am and this is how it looked noon. I don't know if the sun ever fully went down! Zach wasn't so lucky as far as getting sleep...he wound up with a large Icelandic guy on the other side of him who spent the entire night twitching his elbow into Zach's side and getting drunk. The guy was nice enough to apologize at the end of the flight and it turns out he went to college in MD and was coming back from a two week golf trip with his college buddies.

After we landed we made our way through customs, exchanged our dollars for kronur, hopped on the FlyBus, and made our way to the hotel. It was a piece of cake (though I'm sure it helped that this is my third trip to Iceland)!

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