Sunday, July 7, 2013

Picture of the Day: July 1st to July 7th

July 1st: Annual inspection time! The shop pulled my C172 in last week, and so far, so good! They found a couple little things and are fixing a few minor squawks I had, but so far there hasn't been anything major that needs replacing. Let's hope it stays that way!

July 2nd: Dinner at Silver Diner in Tysons Corner. Since the weather was bad we spent the afternoon wandering around the mall and grabbed dinner before heading home. Mark has been telling me how delicious this place is, and he's absolutely right! They use a lot of local ingredients and have a bunch of healther vegetarian and vegan options. I got a veggie pasta pesto dish that was vegan and it was so good that I went right home and tried to figure out how to make it myself. I wish they'd open one of these a little closer to us!

July 3rd: It rained AGAIN today. Like, monsoon rain. It poured for so long at one point that the drain at the street corner clogged up again like it did a couple years ago and flooded our front yard, our neighbor's yard, and several other yards on the other side of the road. This is looking out toward our neighbor's house; her yard was a big lake, and the road on the other side of her yard looked like a raging river from all the water flowing down the hill. I should have taken my kayak out in it!

July 4th: Happy 4th of July! Mark and I both had to work in the afternoon, but we got up early and ran the Culpeper Freedom 5k. I finished in 31:59.8 and was 14/35 in my age group, and Mark finished in 22:19.9 and was third in his age group. They only gave medals for the top two finishers, so Mark missed a medal by 5 seconds, but he beat out a couple hundred other people to win $50 for Buffalo Wild Wings in a raffle so I think he came out ahead of the game. There was a really neat car show on Main Street in Culpeper, so we walked through that on our way back out after the race. 

July 5th: A Canon EOS 5D Mark II and a 28-300mm L-series lens! I'm renting this gear to take on a trip next week and it showed up right before I went to work today. I can't wait to try it out! This is the camera body I'm thinking about upgrading to and a lens that I'd love to own someday. Since the camera body is $2500 and the lens is a little over $2500 itself, I figure for now I'll be happy with renting. Time to start saving!   :)

July 6th: Dinner out at Buffalo Wild Wings. We decided to eat some of Mark's winnings from the 5k; there was also a huge thing of fries off to the side that you can't see. Good thing I came right home from work today and ran a few miles before this!

July 7th: Double rainbow...all the way across the sky! I had the mid (I'm actually on break at work right now as I type this), but I woke up from my nap just before it started to storm like crazy in the evening. The rain eventually ended and we wound up with a double rainbow. What does it mean? Mark had to watch the video...and now the song is stuck in my head.   :)

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