Saturday, July 6, 2013

Picture of the Day: June 24th to June 30th

June 24th: I guess I need to be careful what I wish for...I was thinking 'gee, I wouldn't mind a good rainy day'. Well, I got POURED for a couple hours! Thank goodness I had the mid the night before and didn't have to deal with the weather on the day shift.

June 25th: The weather was better this morning, so I went for a quick flight to grab another stamp for my airport passport book. I finally flew into 7W4 - Lake Anna, also known as Bumpass (hehe). It's a 2500' long runway with powerlines at the end and no taxiway. I was the only person there, but they keep the stamp in a mailbox near the little ramp area, so I'm one stamp closer to my free leather jacket!

June 26th: Another day, another mucky summer flight. Mark and I had hoped to fly to Easton, MD, for breakfast, but the threat of storms kept us a bit more local. I still wanted to fly somewhere, so we went to Hanover County (OFP) for a takeoff and landing, then came back. We flew over a couple little puffy clouds along the way, but of course, since I canceled my original plans, no storms in the morning. Later on we went to a winery and out to dinner with a few friends for my other friend's going away get-together, but I forgot to take pictures from that. Oops!

June 27th: Some crazy clouds at work. We had weather up one side and down the other (I wound up getting held over an extra hour at work), and I'm not sure if I had a single session without weather deviations. 

June 28th: Another day, another set of ridiculous storms. I took this from the parking lot at work; I wound up getting stuck there an extra two hours later. 

June 29th: My echinacea is getting ready to bloom in the front yard. I ordered a few plants online and planted them in the front flower bed...I can't wait til they get a little bigger and are full of flowers!

June 30th: Doggy party! My buddy Jen is moving to San Diego next week (boo!), so after work, Mark and I stopped by with Bacon so the doggies could say goodbye. This was the closest I could get all three of them  to being still; Sky (the big fluffy one) and Maggie (the little Yorkie) are both Jen's dogs. Mark eventually took Bacon home and grabbed some sleep before his mid, and I stayed for a while longer to help her pack. I'm sad that she's leaving, but on the other hand, it gives me a perfect excuse to make a trip to San Diego! If I can get the leave I may run my first full marathon out there next June, and Jen said she'd run it with me. We'll see!   :)

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