Sunday, June 30, 2013

Picture of the Day: June 17th to June 23rd

June 17th: New cowl plugs! I ordered these a few weeks ago and they finally came; I really like how they turned out.

June 18th: Annapolis, MD. A few of us drove out to drop off my friend Jen's car; she's moving to San Diego in a couple weeks and someone we used to work with offered to drive her car out there for her. We made a day trip out of it and grabbed dinner before stopping at a wine bar, then an outside restaurant/bar for a few drinks. This was the view from the table. Fun!  :)

June 19th: I did take a picture today, but my student took an even better one! Today's picture is courtesy of Ian; we met for a lesson in the evening and since he always beats me to the airport, no matter how early I leave, he used some of his extra time before we met to grab this cool picture of my C172. Thanks, Ian!  :)

June 20th: I finally tried out the heart rate monitor that came with my GPS watch. It worked really well and I managed to clock my fastest mile yet on the watch. (The 13:30 on the watch is the clock, not my mile time! It was faster than that.) Hopefully next time I won't have to stop and walk for a minute to figure out the display!

June 21st: The little plants in my office are really doing well...everything I've planted so far has sprouted! The soybean has been going crazy, so I think it's time to plant that one outside.

June 22nd: I had to work today, but I went flying when I was done. Mark had to work late so I went up by myself; there were a few clouds floating around so I climbed up to 5500' and buzzed around between them. The weather looked kind of mucky from the ground, but it was really nice once you got in the air.

June 23rd: The lilies in our front yard are blooming again...I love the bright colors!

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