Sunday, June 23, 2013

Picture of the Day: June 10th to June 16th

June 10th: Baby bluejay. We've got a lot of little baby birds in our yard, and this one was sitting on the ledge on our front porch, making lots of squawking noises.

June 11th: Mark, Jeff, and I went to see Of Monsters and Men! They were up at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in MD. We stopped at the ridiculously good Victoria Gastro Pub nearby, where I ate waaaaay too much food (darn delicious cheap martinis and lobster grilled cheese and duck fat fries...I drooled on my computer just typing that). The band was really good - it was a lot of fun!

June 12th: I had hoped to fly up to NJ today, but a forecast for a 40% chance of thunderstorms made me bag the trip (and of course, it wound up being gorgeous with no storms at all). I at least got a little flying in; my buddy Dave asked if I'd fly with him down to Hampton Roads Exec (PVG) to drop off some stuff since they're the next ones hosting the Women Can Fly event. The flight was nice, and their terminal building is brand new; they even have a vending machine with fun pilot supplies inside. Dave didn't know I grabbed this picture of him; I like to think that he was trying to decide between a balsa glider or a little metal model plane. :)

June 13th: Colored pencils in my office. We had guys at our house all day doing work on our guest bathroom, so my plans got a little jumbled up since I couldn't use the treadmill to work out. I used the extra time to clean my office a bit.

June 14th: Finally, they're finished! What started as 'let's replace the damaged drywall' turned into 'let's replace the drywall AND the vanity, have them retile the floor, and oh yeah, they can repaint the walls while they're here, too'. It turned out really nice, though!

June 15th: We have patio furniture! We got spoiled with all the outdoor cafes on our last couple trips, so we finally got a nice table and chairs for the backyard. Mark used his new grill to make some steaks, and we had dinner outside. 

June 16th: Happy Father's Day! I went outside to ask Mark if he had called his dad yet and found him on the phone, wishing him a Happy Father's Day, while at the same time trying to use a small saw to hack down a couple tree branches. Because you know first!

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