Thursday, June 20, 2013

Picture of the Day: June 3rd to June 9th

June 3rd: My shop is nosewheel was fixed by the time I finished my day shift! I stopped by to check on my plane and say hi to some buddies and had to wait out a passing downpour. The water was streaming down the ramp after the shower passed...the south ramp looked like a lake.

June 4th: I had a short flight with my student down to CHO this morning, but I had the whole afternoon free. I've wanted to go hiking for a while now, so Mark and I drove to Shenandoah and hiked Mary's Rock. It's a little over 3.5 miles round trip and has a great view to the west at the top. 

June 5th: I finally got my C120 back in the air!! I got up ridiculously early, made my coffee, took it to the airport, and drank it while I sat in the left seat of my baby plane, enjoying the view. It was a gorgeous morning and I was the only one up was totally worth getting up early for. I'll have to do this more often!   :)

June 6th: My new running shoes. Since I messed up my hamstring last fall I've been wondering if I should try a different kind of running shoe, and since Mizuno had the most in-depth running shoe finder quiz I've ever seen I decided to give them a try. The questionnaire had me do all sorts of weird things like squat down and see how far back I could bend my pinky finger, and it finally decided that I should be using the Wave Inspires. Let's hope they're right...I'm looking forward to trying them out!

June 7th: Giz in my office. He looks so stoic.

June 8th: Today was a pretty popular day back in NJ - my brother's birthday, my friend's birthday, and my other friend's wedding - but I had to stay in VA and work all day. I can't complain too much, though...they sent me to spend the day working at an event at my home airport! It was called Women Can Fly and is designed to get more girls interested in aviation as a career. I set up a table and spent the day talking to young women about ATC careers and local pilots about why they can't fly direct through the FRZ. I also got to sit in the VA governor's King Air 350 (fancy!), and met a lot of neat local pilots. It was pretty sweet!

June 9th: Flags on my desk. Every time we go to a new country I try to buy a souvenir flag to bring home. I'm up to 13 so far!   :)

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