Sunday, July 28, 2013

Picture of the Day: July 15th to July 21st

July 15th: Another Monday, another tasty dinner from the Corner Deli! They had been closed for a week around the Fourth of July, then I was gone on my trip, so it had been a while since we'd last ordered anything from there.

July 16th: Our friend Jeff got a new job, so we met him for dinner to celebrate! We grabbed some sushi (which I promptly inhaled), then went back to Jeff's apartment to meet his new kitty, Rorschach. He's little and fluffy and Mark had fun making him jump around. 

July 17th: So I bit the bullet and bought a new camera! I liked the rental so much that I did a bit of research and wound up getting the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. It's an awesome camera and I can't wait to figure out how to work all the knobs and buttons, so for now I'm just trying to get a little further through the manual each day. Of course, one of the first things I wanted to play with was the HDR setting...   :)

July 18th: I didn't feel well today from the moment I woke up, and despite a LOT of coffee it just didn't get any better, so I stayed home sick. While Mark was at work, I spent the afternoon editing pictures from the trip to Iceland. The glass of wine and Icelandic chocolate did make me feel a little better.   :)

July 19th: It was disgustingly hot today, but I made sure to stop by the airport to check the tie downs on my plane. It's finally back in its spot after the annual inspection, and since we're supposed to get storms over the next couple days I wanted to make sure it was tied down nice and tight!

July 20th: New camera vs. old camera. The new one gives a whole new meaning to what I've been calling my big camera! At first I thought about selling my xTi and the lenses I have for it, but then I thought about all the terrible things I've done to it over the years (rolled over on top of it in a sand dune, dropped all but one lens, smacked it into a rock while get the idea) and I didn't want to sell someone else gear with that kind of, um, rugged background. It still works great, though, so I decided I'll hang onto the xTi and all the gear for the times when I want great pictures but don't want to risk damaging the Mark III.

July 21st: Our air conditioning completely died yesterday, but at least we have a window unit in the bedroom so we were able to get some sleep before the mid. The orange tree in my office doesn't seem to mind the heat, sprouted a whole new branch!

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