Sunday, August 18, 2013

Picture of the Day: August 12th to August 18th

August 12th: The weather was nice today, so I wore one of my favorite pairs of shoes - my Converse that change color in the sun. They're white when you're inside, but when you go outside they turn pink. Fun!

August 13th: Normally I'm off every Tuesday, but I had an overtime day shift today so I spent most of the day sitting in front of a scope. I didn't mind being there until about halfway through the day, when, during a pretty busy session involving a runway change, I had a procedural error. Bah! I never lost separation at any point and all of the planes I worked were safe at all times, but let's just say that I wish the controllers in a neighboring facility would have considered their actions (or lack of action) a little more closely, and maybe the whole thing could have been prevented. It was a pretty frustrating situation all around and by the time I got home, I was reeeeally looking forward to unwinding with the paper and a glass of wine. Just once, I'd love to work an OT shift that doesn't involve extra paperwork!! (Like the last one I worked, where within 15 minutes of getting there an SFRA guy I worked got himself so lost that he busted Baltimore tower's airspace and was getting up close and personal with the jets on final, after he had claimed to have the airport in sight and I let him change to his advisory frequency and could no longer talk to him.)

August 14th: Look at me being all fancy, putting shelves in my hangar! I was supposed to fly up to NJ today but it was a bit windier than I expected and a little too bumpy for what I needed to do, so I'm hoping to fly up next week instead. Since I had the whole day free and was already at the airport, I decided to put together the shelves I bought and clean up my hangar a bit. I still need to get another set of shelves for the rest of the stuff (which is conveniently out of the frame to the left), but it already looks a lot better!

August 15th: This one technically counts for today, since I took this picture just after midnight. My student and I finally got to do his night cross country Wednesday night! The weather was gorgeous, so we flew through the SFRA to CGE (Cambridge, MD), and back. He got the chance to try out some SFRA procedures, and this cross country was the last big thing to do as far as his private pilot requirements are concerned. On to the checkride prep!

August 16th: I'm not sure why my phone made this picture look kind of squished, but oh well. Mark and I spent the morning running! And running and running and running. Since we're both doing a half marathon next month, it's time to get back into the long runs. I've missed them! Today we did just over 8 miles; the weather was fantastic.

August 17th: That's not where dinner goes. Mark was trying out a new recipe that involves cooking things in a pan then adding them to pasta. He decided to mix it all up by putting everything in a Tupperware container, then holding the lid on and shaking it. Apparently he didn't hold the lid tight enough...all of a sudden, the kitchen was covered in peas, onions, and cheese. Bacon and Giz thought it was the best thing ever and played Hungry Hungry Hippos trying to eat as many peas as they could before we shooed them away. Note the peas and onions on top of the wiener dog.   :)

August 18th: Dinner before the mid. I was so tired today that I passed out as soon as I got home from the day shift, so instead of running before I nap like I usually do, I napped first, then ran after. By the time I got a shower and came back downstairs I was starving! We had leftovers from last night and some BBQ and coleslaw sandwiches.

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