Sunday, August 11, 2013

Picture of the Day: August 5th to August 11th

August 5th: Kristybee and Ryan are here! They're visiting for the next couple days and got here this afternoon, so Mark grilled up some chicken and we made tacos and ate them outside on the patio. I told Kristy I was going to use this picture of her making a goofy face since without fail, every picture I try to take of her has her making a goofy face.

August 6th: We had the whole day free to hang out with Kristy and Ryan, so we did a whole bunch of stuff! (I'll cover most of it in an upcoming post.) We wound up at Luray Caverns toward the end of the day...I caught Kristy taking a picture of Ryan next to one of the stalagmites.

August 7th: Kristy and Ryan had to head back home today, but we at least had time to go out to breakfast and I got to show them my planes. If the weather was better I would have taken them for a quick ride, but it was a little windy. Oh well...I guess they'll just have to come back!

August 8th: I had the day off today but still did a short flight with my student in the morning. As I was getting ready to head home, I saw this sitting on the ramp. Yes, please!

August 9th: I spent part of my day off yesterday running errands, and one of the errands I ran was a trip to the library to borrow a few books. I decided I should give my Kindle (and my credit card) a break for a while, especially after looking at my list of books I want to read and realizing it somehow crept up to 150. Since I don't have 150 books worth of dollars to spare at the moment, it looks like I'll be making more trips to the library in the near future! Which is fine by me...I forgot how much I liked it there.   :)

August 10th: I meant to do my long run before work this morning but I was so wiped out that I got just a couple minutes into warming up and decided no...not today. The extent of my cardio for the day was a walk around the track at work shortly before sunset; there was a neat rainbow in the clouds.

August 11th: My sunflower is finally starting to open up! I got a late start planting everything this year so I wasn't getting my hopes up too high, but I saw the first little peek of yellow when I got home this afternoon.

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