Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Picture of the Day: August 19th to August 25th

August 19th: My little fig tree made its first fig! I noticed it earlier today; it's been popping out all sorts of little green figs but one of them finally turned brown and ripened. I had to Google how to eat it (goes to show how many figs I've eaten so far), and it was really good.

August 20th: Looking down over the eastern edge of the Chesapeake Bay. I flew up to NJ today for a quick overnight trip. The clouds were a little low so I never got higher than about 2100', but I cut through the SFRA and wound up saving about 15 minutes. Not bad! I took this somewhere west of Easton, MD...I liked the way the sand rippled under the water.

August 21st: I had to fly with my student in the afternoon back in VA, so as soon as the fog lifted (and my brother and I loaded up my C172 with a ridiculous amount of stuff) I was on my way back home. The clouds dipped a bit lower near Dover; I think I was only at about 1600' out here. The weather got better as I got closer to home, and cutting through the SFRA on the way back knocked some more time off the flight. Altogether it was 3.6 round trip...which is about the same amount of time it takes to drive one way. Dealing with clouds is much nicer than dealing with DC traffic!

August 22nd: No flying today...I spent the morning doing some oral exam prep with my student instead. I did at least stop by my C172 before heading home to grab the GPS cards out of the Garmin 430. These updates come quick!

August 23rd: My mom made some challah and sent me home with a loaf when I went up to NJ. Turns out it goes really well with Belgian dark chocolate spread for breakfast. Mmm...breakfast chocolate...*drool*

August 24th: I had to work an eve shift today, but the weather was so nice that I walked the track on almost every break. The clouds right before sunset were really cool colors.

August 25th: Among the random things we've planted in our garden this year are GIANT pumpkins. They can supposedly grow to over 100 pounds. So far this one is doing the best...you can't easily tell the scale from the picture since the leaves are also huge, but the pumpkin is a little bigger than a basketball right here. I'm almost afraid to see how big it's going to get!

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