Monday, September 2, 2013

Picture of the Day: August 26th to September 1st

August 26th: Today was a looooong day. I worked a day shift, then came home for a little while before heading over to the airport for an afternoon flight with my student. I at least had a little fun today...the weather was so nice, I couldn't resist driving with the top down! I made a quick stop at my C172 to update the GPS before heading back home.

August 27th: Eggs Benedict for breakfast...yum! Mark and I went into Old Town Warrenton for breakfast this morning. We started at a tasty new cafe, then made our way down to the Great Harvest Bread Company for some coffee and free scone samples. We brought a tasty loaf of bread home with us, too. 

August 28th: I could finally open my latest batch of wine! We bottled a Viognier a few months ago, and today was the day that the instructions said we could start drinking it, so of course, we did. Mark cooked up some of the corn and hot peppers from our garden with some garlic and onion, then grilled up some burgers he made from scratch. Dinner was fantastic.

August 29th: The pumpkin in our garden keeps getting bigger and bigger. Good thing we like pie...who knows how big this thing will get!

August 30th: I started my day out with a somewhat painful visit to the chiropractor. I still had time to squeeze in a quick run when I got home, and somehow managed to hold my fastest pace to date. For the last .35 of a mile, I averaged a 9:10 pace. I never run that fast!! I celebrated by eating the leftover burger from the other night.   :)

August 31st: Piano keys. My keyboard is in my office, in front of my side window. Only a week and a half til lessons start!

September 1st: Judging by my pictures for the past week, you must think all I do is eat. Mark and I both had the mid this week, but since it was disgustingly hot we stopped at Moo Thru on the way home from the day shift for some ice cream. Cookie dough ice cream with hot fudge and peanut butter sauce...mmm...

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  1. Hi, Sarah!

    Was that you tonight? It sounded like you but...

    If yes, THANK YOU!!! If not you, please pass my thanks along to whomever, for taking the time and trouble to coordinate the shortcut across ADW. Saved me about 15 or 20 minutes, and on Friday nights those minutes are precious.

    Blog post HERE about it.

    I love youse guys.