Sunday, September 15, 2013

Picture of the Day: September 2nd to September 8th

September 2nd: Happy Labor Day! Mark and I both had the mid last night, so we were essentially off all day today. Mark grilled up some ribs (nom), and we spent the afternoon trying to convince Bacon that swimming is fun. She wasn't buying it.

September 3rd: Mark and I had planned to fly down to Wakefield, VA, today to go out to lunch, but a slow moving cold front and some thunderstorms threw a wrench in those plans. We decided we'd try to fly to Shenandoah instead, until we got halfway over the ridges and were getting our butts kicked with turbulence as a low cloud layer formed. We turned around, popped back onto the east side of the ridges, and finally decided to fly down to Farmville (FVX) instead. It was a nice airport, plus I got another new stamp in my airport passport book, so it all worked out in the end.

September 4th: The Milky Way, as seen from my driveway. I took my new camera outside tonight and was playing around with the ISO settings and some long exposures. It was so clear tonight!

September 5th: The business end of an Extra 200. Yes please! HWY is hosting an aerobatic competition this coming weekend and some of the planes were starting to fly in this morning.

September 6th: More stars from my driveway. I tried to zoom in a bit more this time, but it's a little tricky to get the focus right. I'll get there eventually. At least you can see that the stars are different colors - I thought that was pretty neat. There was apparently a rocket launch a couple hours after I took this, but I was so tired that I decided to get some extra sleep instead.

September 7th: HWY aerobatic competition! I stopped by on my way to work in the afternoon. Unfortunately, they were all on a lunch break so I missed the flying, but I at least got to take a few minutes to wander around the ramp and drool on all the shiny planes. Someday...   :)

September 8th: My new Rosetta Stone software! I found a discount code online and used it to get all 5 levels of German. I'm looking forward to eavesdropping on all the German tourists the next time I'm in Iceland.   :)

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