Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Picture of the Day: September 9th to September 15th

September 9th: I started piano lessons today! I have the keyboard set up off to the side in my office so I can practice (and I swear my office isn't as messy as this picture makes it look).

September 10th: I spent the morning shooting instrument approaches with my buddy Dave in his C210. It was really hazy, especially east of Stafford (RMN), but we still managed to get a few approaches in. Fun fun!

September 11th: King Airs at HWY. They flew in right before my student got there, so after our flight we took a few minutes to check them out. 

September 12th: Mark and I drove into DC this morning to pick up our race packets; we're running the Navy/Air Force 5 Miler and Half Marathon this coming Saturday. I had originally planned to do the half with Mark, but since my hamstring was acting up a bit and I missed a few longs runs I bumped down to the 5 Miler. It should still be fun, though!

September 13th: Mark called me outside the other day and told me to bring my camera. He found where the dumb bunny in our yard lives - in the sweet potatoes! We have a big patch behind the shed full of sweet potatoes and a few pumpkins, and the bunny made a little hole in the middle and was hiding there. You can just make it out in the gap toward the middle of the picture.

September 14th: Race morning! Mark and I got up disgustingly early to drive into DC for our races. It was a beautiful morning for a race and we both did pretty well...I'll have another race-specific post up in a week or so.

September 15th: Race bibs on my bulletin board. Mark and I both had day/mid today, but I at least took the time to add yesterday's bib to the collection.

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