Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Picture of the Day: September 16th and September 17th

September 16th: Driving to NJ. What you can't see is the wiener dog sitting on my lap. It's time for another trip, but you'll have to wait until a minute or two to see where we're going.   :)

September 17th: Pre-flight lunch with my mom. We stopped by to say hi before flying out and she stuffed us full of delicious grilled cheese and potato corn chowder. Or chowda.


...a bonus picture, taken on our flight from PHL to Portland, Oregon! We were taking Mark's grandmother out to see family and do a bit of our own exploring, too. Sorry in advance...the next few posts are going to be a bit picture-heavy. We got to do some pretty cool stuff while we were out there!   :)

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