Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Picture of the Day: November 11th to November 17th

November 11th: Since I only have one day left with the rental lens and flash, I spent a bit of time today playing with the gear. I had a few sand dollars stashed on the side of my desk, so I took a few pictures of those.

November 12th: I had to send back the macro lens and flash today...boo! I'll definitely be adding both of these things to my wish list of camera gear.

November 13th: Mark and I made the mistake of going shopping while we were bored and hungry. We bought lots of things...including a light-up wiener dog! I plugged it in to make sure it worked and Bacon tried to say hi.   :)

November 14th: My C120 just came out of annual, so I stopped by the airport to pay my bill and pick up my logbooks. I made sure to leave time to stop by my hangar, too...as part of the annual, I had the shop install my new shoulder harnesses. They turned out so pretty!! I can't wait to go fly and try them out.   :)

November 15th: The weather was pretty nice today, so I did a couple laps around the track at work. Since there was barely any wind, the sky was almost perfectly reflected in the pond.

November 16th: I got a fun box in the mail this week! It was a Groupon that I picked up a couple weeks ago, and it finally shipped. One of these is a fairly expensive camera lens, and the other is a coffee mug. Which one is which?   :)

November 17th: Bacon likes to plop herself down in the sunny spot on the floor in my office. Must be nice!   :)

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