Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Picture of the Day: October 28th to November 3rd

October 28th: I found a bunch of old memory cards while I was going through my camera gear last week, so I took some time today to upload some of them. I found all sorts of stuff! Among my favorites were the video from my P-51 flight and the pictures from when I went hang gliding. Don't be surprised if a throwback post eventually shows up with some of the better pictures I found.   :)

October 29th: I went out to the airport this afternoon with the intention of going flying, and instead, I wound up helping out with a photo shoot! They were doing a shoot for a motorcycle magazine out by the runway. I'll try to find the actual pictures if and when they get published...I'm not going to give too much away, but let's just say there were a lot more scantily clad ladies than I expected to see on a normal day at the airport.

October 30th: Time to make the donuts! Or should I say, time to make the chicken stew for pot pies as well as some apple crumble. Our house smelled delicious.

October 31st: Happy Halloween! I felt a bit under the weather today so I stayed home while Mark went to work, which gave me plenty of time to dress Giz up as a lobster without having Mark rolling his eyes and shaking his head in the background. Mark loves when I dress up the dogs.

November 1st: I stopped by the airport this morning to meet with a student pilot to go over some ATC and airspace stuff. It was POURING when I got there...I could see the rain moving in and tried to get to the airport before it hit, but I got stuck at a red light and missed my chance to get inside without getting rained on. By the time we finished the weather was already starting to clear out.

November 2nd: Crazy day today! I spent the morning at HWY's Town Hall meeting as one of the featured speakers to answer any ATC questions the local pilots had before heading in for an eve shift at Potomac. The meeting was a lot of fun and we had a pretty good turnout (I think somewhere around 40 people); I got to meet some cool new people and answer a bunch of questions. I had just enough time to grab one of the box lunches (Panera catered the meeting - yum!) before zipping off to work. Bonus: the train went by just as I was leaving the airport.

November 3rd: Compression socks! Since I've switched to the new running shoes, I've started wearing compression socks when I run to try to keep my legs from getting too sore. They squish my legs so good...   :)

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