Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday, Week Sixteen

In front of the sandbox my dad was building for me. I think I was somewhere around 2 years old in this picture. I forget the exact story (and maybe Mom, you could help out!), but I don't think he had a very good time trying to build this and there may have been some sort of power tool that at some point went flying (or was flung) across the yard. Mom, feel free to comment with the story (or message me and I'll update this post)!!    :)


My mom thought this post was hilarious and sent me the story behind the picture:

"I just looked at your blog and saw the picture and boy, did that make me laugh! God, do I remember that day. I wanted to get a sandbox for you but your father decided he would build one instead of spending ALL THAT MONEY to buy a sandbox ready made, just insert sand. He bought the wood, the screws, multiple drill bits and various other things he thought he needed to complete the project. The drill was an old piece of crap he must have inherited from his dad and the drill bits kept breaking off, which made your father curse, of course. A lot. I think that about the time the picture was taken was around the time he got so flaming mad he picked up the drill and flung it across the yard--only to have the plug smack him on the arm as it went by, which stung the hell out of him. More cursing ensued. Hey, you can't blame ALL your foul language on me because he was doing a very good job of teaching you special words that day!! He was ready to give up on the whole thing at that point but I insisted on running into town to get more drill bits (ha, that was only to get a break from him!) and I did, and he worked on the sandbox some more. He never did really finish it because it was supposed to have a roof on it, and the man did not believe in sandpaper, but he did get CLEAN (bagged) sand to put in it. Too bad he didn't think to put a plastic liner UNDER the sand before he filled the sandbox. The ants loved your sandbox. You did, too, I think.
When all was said and done it would have been cheaper to buy the sandbox at the store but then I wouldn't have this story to tell, would I?"

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