Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Little More Beach Time

Mark and I got back to the resort, dropped off our stuff in the room, and made our way over to the Excellence Club for some snacks since it was getting a little late for lunch. After stuffing our faces, we made our way back to the beach. We wanted to make the most of our last afternoon! We grabbed some beach chairs, and I plopped down while Mark went out to do some swimming.

Skipping the swimming meant I didn't miss the little cakes that they brought around as snacks on the beach!

We hung out up by the resort for a little while...

...then eventually wandered back down to the section of beach around the corner we had found the day before. The water was so nice!

By the time we got back to the resort most of the people that had been on the beach had already left.

Their loss...we grabbed one of the sweet elevated beach bed things!

Mark grabbed us some extra drinks and we hung out for a while until it started to get close to sunset.

We walked through the pool area to get back to our room. It was completely deserted!

Since we had a later snacky lunch we weren't really ready for dinner yet, so we ate the snacks they left in our room and had a couple drinks.

Turns out the shelf in the shower was a perfect place to set down my beer! (Only slightly creepy...the shower also had a window into the rest of the room. Thank goodness it was just me and Mark!)

We drank some more of our champagne, eventually made our way to dinner (which was really good), and caught the very end of the show they were doing in the lobby. Since we only caught a few minutes of the show before it ended and we weren't ready to head to bed yet, we made a stop back at the Excellence Club so Mark could try some of their fancy rum. We played a few rounds of cards and eventually made our way back to the room. We had to head home the next day, but we were hoping to squeeze in a little more beach time before leaving!

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