Monday, May 5, 2014

And That Quick, We're Heading Home

Even though we were up kind of late the night before, Mark and I got up at 6:30 the next morning to try to cram in as much beach time as possible before our shuttle to the airport later in the morning. We got up, grabbed some breakfast, and got back to the room...

...just in time for monsoon season, apparently. So much for that extra beach time!

We hung out in the room for a while and the rain eventually let up. Since we still had a little bit of time before the airport shuttle we decided to go for a walk.

I, of course, wanted to go feed the flamingos again. They kept fighting with each other.

We wandered down to the beach to enjoy the view one last time, then made our way back to the room, grabbed our stuff, checked out, and hopped on the airport shuttle. It poured the entire time, which definitely made me feel better about leaving after such a short trip. At least we had good weather while we were there!

Presidente is really hard to find in the US, so I enjoyed one last beer with some airport pizza for lunch.

We eventually boarded the plane on the very rainy ramp...

...and were on our way back to the US. Goodbye, Dominican Republic...I'll be back someday!

I spent most of the flight reading, but I did see some pretty cool patterns in the water somewhere over the Bahamas.

We had a loooong (4+) hour layover in Miami before our flight back home. We wound up with even more free time that we might have had normally, since we both tried out our Global Entry things for the first time. It was so easy! We were completely through customs in less than ten minutes, which was really nice since the normal line was pretty long. We grabbed some food (including some more ridiculously good empanadas and coffee), and tried our best not to be bored. We eventually made it home just fine. We had such a nice time! The resort was really nice, the people were really nice, and we lucked out and had mostly nice weather. I just wish we could have stayed longer!

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