Friday, June 20, 2014

June 2nd: Burgers and a Beach Sunset

Jen had told us about a really good burger place nearby called Slater's 50/50 (called that because the burgers are made of 50% ground beef and 50% ground BACON). None of us were about to turn down a good burger!

Any place that serves a Dark N' Stormy in a Mason Jar glass is okay by me.   :)

We tore through some deconstructed guacamole and chips before our food came. Everything was fantastic, especially the sweet potato fries with pumpkin sauce. We stuffed ourselves silly, then headed back to Jen's for a bit.

Mark tried to convince Sky to go outside with him. She wasn't having it. I think he eventually bribed her down the steps. We hung out for a little while, then hopped back in Jen's car for a short drive to...

...Torrey Pines! It's a pretty neat beach, and we were hoping to catch the sunset.

Jen swore there was a set of steps we could climb for a better view somewhere further down the beach, so we started walking.

We did make a quick stop for some jumping pictures, though.

Mike's were definitely the best...he looked like he was getting sucked up by aliens.

We went back to walking...

...and while the sun seemed stuck behind a layer of clouds, it was still really pretty.

This was the most we saw of the sun the whole time.

We walked pretty far down the beach but never did find the steps. It was okay, though, because there were all sorts of flat rocks along the water. Mark taught Jen how to skip rocks...she had never skipped one before!

It started to get dark pretty fast, so we turned around and headed back toward the car.

These ducks must have been waiting for the sunset, too.

We were so tired by this point that we went back to Jen's, hung out for just a little while, then all went to bed pretty early. We had to get up a bit earlier the next day...since it would be our last full day in San Diego, we had a lot to cram in!

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