Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday, Week Thirty One

I don't know the exact date in this picture, but I was three years old and apparently dressed myself. I never did really care too much about what other people thought of what I wore (as evidenced by some pretty awful clothes I wore in middle/high school). And who's to say that stripes and plaids don't mix?

I thought this picture was perfect since a couple weeks ago, Mark randomly asked me "What's up with those pants in the laundry room?" The pants he was referring to were these:

...a super comfy pair of lightweight pants I picked up in London a few weeks ago. I was really excited to find them because I'd been looking for a pair like that for a while, and they fit perfectly. Mark apparently thinks they're hideous (and I'll admit, they don't look very flattering in the above picture - they look much better on me than they do on the hanger), which kind of makes me like them even more. I told him I'd be wearing them on all of our date nights from now on, and if anything mysteriously happened to them he could take me back to London so I could buy a new pair.   :)

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