Wednesday, August 20, 2014

July 30th: A Night Airshow, Too? Yes, Please!

Dave and I walked back to the plane at the end of Wednesday afternoon's airshow to do a bit more packing and grab dinner at the North 40 cafe.

There were still arrivals and departures, even with the week being halfway done. I'm guessing this jet made a wrong turn somewhere and didn't really mean to be taxiing around in the North 40.   :)

Dave and I had left our chairs out on the flight line after the afternoon airshow, so we already had good seats waiting for us when we got back after dinner. I had never been to a night airshow before, so I was really looking forward to it!

Since the airshow started around 8pm, it was still kind of light. The 4ce flew again...

...and Kent Pietsch did his comedy routine. I still remember the first time I saw his aileron fall off!

The STOL guys faced off again. I forget who won, but the announcers were still laughing when they announced the takeoff and landing distances.

It was starting to get pretty dark by the time the Aeroshell team flew.

I think this was Steve Oliver flying a Chipmunk. Either way, it was the first plane to have pyrotechnics. It was awesome!

I especially liked the little smoke circle from his wake turbulence.

Gene Soucy flew again, too. I think if I could fly in airshows, I'd want to do something like this. It was really graceful and set to music and there were sparklers and little fireworks everywhere.

Maybe I could modify my C172 to shoot fireworks off the struts...    :)

Otto the helicopter flew again, too, and was shooting small fireworks off the skids...

...and at one point, landed, picked up a flag, then climbed back up and was flying back and forth shooting off more fireworks. I promise, there is a helicopter in there somewhere!

After everyone had flown, there was a really good fireworks show...

...and the whole thing ended with a massive wall of fire. I'm so glad we got to stay for the night was really fun, and a great way to wrap up our time at Oshkosh!

After the show ended, Dave and I went back to our tents and passed out. We had an early wake up call the next morning and a busy day of flying ahead of us!

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