Wednesday, November 12, 2014

October 21st: A Very Rainy Camping Trip

Mark's parents came down to visit a few weeks ago. Since it was going to be nearly peak color up in Shenandoah National Park, we figured it would be fun to take their camper, bring the dogs, get some hiking in, and camp overnight.

The weather was great when we got there, so we stopped at a bunch of overlooks on the way to the campground.

Giz had fun hopping up on the stone walls.

I loved the colors!

We eventually made our way down to Loft Mountain Campground in the southern section of the park. We checked in, found our campsite, then let the dogs stretch their legs outside before grabbing some lunch in the camper.

The campground is right off of the Appalachian Trail, so we found a short hike that would take us out to a scenic overlook. Bacon and Giz were pretty excited to get started.

There is a great view just a short walk from the campground, right as you get onto the Appalachian Trail. It turned out to be a good thing, because it gave us a great view of the sheets of rain heading our way. Oops.

As we watched, the rain got closer and closer. We decided to skip the hike, turned around, and started booking it back to the camper in hopes of beating the rain back to the campground. No such luck...we were about halfway back and it started to POUR.

We had originally planned to have a campfire, cook some burgers on the grill for dinner, and hang out and enjoy the night outside. Instead, we wound up spending the afternoon inside, reading and playing card games. Thank goodness for campers (especially those with well-stocked, um, beverage selections)! After it started raining, the temperature outside dropped, the winds picked up, and the fog rolled in; it was pretty miserable. The best we could do was hope for better weather the next morning.

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