Friday, November 14, 2014

October 22nd: Do You Like...Fog?

The weather was still pretty miserable when we woke up the next morning.

The lovely foggy view of our campsite shortly before we left. We had breakfast, took the dogs out, packed up our stuff, and left. The campground was pretty nice; I'd love to try camping up there again with nicer weather.

We gradually descended out of the clouds as we drove along. It was actually kind of a nice day once you got a little lower, so we stopped at a few overlooks along the way.

I somehow managed to get a picture of Giz NOT barking at every single thing he saw.

Mark's parents and their dog, Rudy.

Since the weather seemed to be holding up, we decided to drive through the entire Central District of the park on the way out. Might as well make the trip worth it! We stopped at a bunch of overlooks.

Bacon liked standing on the seats by the table to get a better view as we drove.

It started to get cloudy again as we got closer to the higher elevation sections of Skyline Drive. I had suggested stopping at Big Meadows to take the dogs for a short walk along the fire road...

...clearly, that was a brilliant idea. It was REALLY foggy.

We only made it a few minutes outside because it was so cold and windy. We used the time to grab a snack in the camper instead, then kept driving north.

As Skyline Drive descended the weather improved again, so we stopped at a couple more overlooks before we left.

Even from here you can see the top of the mountain disappearing into the cloud!

Overall it was neat to camp in Shenandoah for the night; I just wish we had better weather! Oh well, maybe next time.   :)

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