Saturday, September 5, 2015

August 23rd: Sand Dollars and Fog

Mark and I woke up a bit earlier than we expected the next morning, but whatever...we were on vacation!

This was the view from our bedroom. It was pretty dreary when we first woke up.

Everybody else was still asleep, so we snuck upstairs to the kitchen. Mark made coffee and breakfast, and we set up my laptop so we could watch the Formula One race online. I had brought along a fancy coloring book and some colored pencils that my mom sent me, so I spent a little time working on that, then went downstairs and read a book in bed for a bit. It POURED outside for a while, but it was a really nice lazy morning.

We did go outside to check out the lake behind the house. It was pretty, and even better, we found wild blueberry bushes next to the little path! We picked a few; they were really good.   :)

After lunch we walked down to the beach. The rain had ended, so we figured we'd go for a walk.

No walk on the beach is complete without obsessively looking for sand dollars!

We walked a bit further down the beach. After a little while we saw Mark's parents walking toward us, so we stopped to wait.

They had Rudy with them; he especially liked chasing sticks through the waves.

We all walked together for a little while...

...before splitting up as we rounded the bend on the beach. Mark, his cousin Alex, and I decided to keep walking down to Percy's, the general store, for some ice cream.

I've certainly taken less scenic walks.   :)

As we got closer we got a good view of Fort Popham. It was built in the 1800s and it's usually opened up so you can walk through it. We decided to skip the fort and went right to Percy's for some ice cream (which was reeeally tasty) before starting back toward the house.

We stopped to look for more sand dollars along the way. Mark found the tiniest sand dollar ever in this pile of shells.

The fog started to roll back in as we walked...

...and by the time we got near the house, you could barely see down the beach.

Um, so much for a nice beach day. Oops.

Even the lake was getting foggy.

We went back to the house, had dinner, and played some games before heading to bed. The weather might not have been the best, but it was still a nice day!

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