Sunday, September 6, 2015

August 24th: Do You Like Fog?

It was a bit dreary again the next morning, so we had a lazy breakfast and coffee at the house. I've been getting back into running again lately (I actually have a running coach now - more on that in a later post), so I wanted to get a couple miles in while I had the chance.

It's not often you get to run on a beach, so we took advantage of that and ran down toward the fort, stopping to grab a couple sand dollars along the way. 

It was such a nice run that we kept going a bit further than I originally planned. We ran around the bend in the road up to where the other fort is on the hill.

We didn't actually run up to the other fort because it's full of mosquitoes, but we did take a few minutes to enjoy the view before heading back toward the house.

It never really cleared up on the run, which wasn't too bad. It was pretty humid, but at least it wasn't hot!

This was the view for most of the second half of the run. It was pretty cool; the fog hid most of the beach, but you could still hear the waves rolling in. We made it back to the house with a little over three miles total for the run and took quick showers before heading back out.

The beach was a lot nicer a couple hours later!

We were pretty hungry and decided to walk back down to Percy's for lunch. We managed to get the timing just right with the tide and found a ton of sand dollars along the way.

It was nice to see a little blue sky!

We spent so much time looking for sand dollars that I was starving by the time we got to Percy's. Turns out they make a mean crabmeat was really good and I inhaled it! We made sure to grab some more ice cream for dessert, too.

The view from the picnic tables behind Percy's.

We walked back to the house after we finished our ice cream...

...and bumped into some familiar faces along the way. We ran back to the house to grab a couple things, then headed back to the beach to take advantage of the good weather.

This was how I spent a good part of that afternoon. It was very nice.

Of course, the fog started to roll back in after a while. We watched the fog move in for a bit, then packed up our stuff and went back up to the house.

Mark and I did sneak back down to the beach with a glass of wine for a little while, though.   :)

It was pretty dreary outside for the rest of the night, so we had a low key dinner at the house: frozen pizzas and snacks. Everyone else played games after they ate, but I was ridiculously tired so I went to bed around 8:30. I was really enjoying how low key the trip was!

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