Tuesday, September 8, 2015

August 25th: Walking on Rocks

I guess I really was tired the night before because I slept almost ten hours! Mark and I still woke up before everyone else, so we got dressed, hopped in the car, and drove down the street to Percy's.

Every single thing we had there was delicious. We hung out for a little while, drinking coffee and enjoying the view, then eventually made our way back to the house. We hung out for a bit while everyone else got moving, then eventually decided that it probably wouldn't rain and headed out to the beach.

One of my favorite things to do at the beach is walk out to Fox Island. It's a small rocky island that you can only get to around low tide when the sandbar is exposed.

There were a bunch of little birds walking around right at the edge of the water. We also saw a seagull eyeing up somebody's food near the State Park section of the beach.

Almost there!

The sandbar was pretty big this year; it looked like you could walk halfway out to the other smaller islands, too.

We climbed around for a while, split a granola bar, and enjoyed the view.

We saw a sailboat waaaaaay out there.

Looking back toward the beach from Fox Island.

I couldn't decide which picture I liked better!

More people started to come out to the island, so we made our way back down to the sandbar and moved on. We saw the neighbor's dog waiting on the sandbar; he didn't seem very happy to be stuck with the stroller.

We walked around some of the smaller rocks on our way down the beach. Mark's mom had found a really good spot for sand dollars a bit further away, so we went down to check it out.

There were a LOT of sand dollars there. The water was pretty chilly but sand dollars were more important than warm feet.

Mark's mom eventually split off to walk around the river off to the side, but Mark, Uncle Robert, and I waded across the river and onto the other sandbar.

There weren't many shells this far out, but it was still neat to walk around a bit. We eventually turned around and started to head back.

We made sure to walk through the good sand dollar spot again. We wound up having to leave Uncle Robert because he was finding so many and didn't want to stop!

It started to get misty and the fog started coming back in, so Mark, his mom, and I started walking back.

These seagulls hit the jackpot in the State Park! One of them grabbed a big pack of crackers and was going to town.

We eventually made our way back to Mark's parents' camper. I hung out in the screen house to try to get away from the mosquitoes while Mark's mom made us lunch. Mark had some whiskey and Scotch with his dad and his fishing buddies, then we eventually walked back to the house and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out. (I'm glad my mom sent me the coloring book...I was making a LOT of progress in it!)

Mark and I decided it was Date Night, so we split off from everyone else and went to Anna's Water's Edge. It's a tasty seafood place near one of the houses we rented a few years ago. I stuffed as much seafood as I could into my belly, then we went back to the house for more games and coloring before bed.

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