Thursday, September 10, 2015

August 26th: Portland

I had another run planned for the next day, so Mark and I woke up, grabbed a banana, and were out the door. The run on the beach had been so nice the other day that we decided to do it again.

It was even foggier this time! You could barely see the houses.

We ran all the way down to the fort but the fog never lifted.

This was the view for almost the entire run. It never cleared up any more than that, and just before we got back to the house it started to rain.

We got cleaned up (I was DRENCHED by the time we got back to the house from all of the rain), had breakfast, then all piled into Uncle Robert's van. We were heading to Portland!

They apparently have a little lock bridge, too. We wandered through a few shops down by the water, then made our way over to a restaurant for lunch.

After lunch, we stopped at the Sweetgrass Farm Winery and Distillery tasting room. They had some neat stuff (including a very tasty gin and a couple dessert wines), so we got a couple things to take home.

We wound up splitting up after the tastings so we could all check out different things. Mark's mom and Granny went to check out one set of stores while Mark, Alex, Uncle Robert, and I went to check out some other stuff. We got some cool stuff at a neat comic book store and a really fun toy store, and went in a few other places, too.

Mark and I eventually wound up at The Bar of Chocolate, a really cool little bar that has amazing desserts. We each got a drink and decided to split a piece of chocolate whiskey cake. Mmm, gooey and delicious...   :)     Mark's mom and Granny eventually met us there, too, and they each had a drink before heading out.

Uncle Robert wanted to make one more stop before heading back to the house...

...Portland Head Light. It was really neat!

The view from the base of the lighthouse was pretty cool.

I took a whole bunch of pictures while everybody else enjoyed the view.

Granny posed for this one.   :)

Mark and I walked along one of the paths off to the side to get a different look at the lighthouse.

Mark took this one...this was probably right after I dropped my phone trying to race him down the path. Oops. We spent a couple minutes taking pictures, then walked back the other way to check out the other side.

It was just a little scenic.   :)

The sun eventually started to go down. I like the secret boat in this one!

We hung out a little longer until the mosquitoes got obnoxious, then drove back to the house, grabbed some snacks, and went to bed. Portland was a neat city; I'd like to go back someday!

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