Friday, September 11, 2015

August 27th: Finally!

Thursday was our last full day in Maine. And finally...

...we had a good weather day!

Not a single cloud. At least we got one good beach day!   :)    I spent the morning finishing my book while Mark flew his kite a bit. Everyone else eventually drifted down to the beach, too.

It did get a little cloudy after a while, but if there was any rain it stayed away from us.

Everyone hanging out. Uncle Robert had all sorts of beach games; I don't even remember which one they were playing here.

After lunch, Mark and I walked further down the beach. It was my last chance to find all the sand dollars!

We walked back down to the good spot we'd found the other day. The tide was still changing, so there weren't too many at first.

Mark eventually got tired of looking and walked back. I stayed, though, and after a little while started to find dozens of them.

I would have stayed out there all afternoon but I knew we had plans for dinner, so I eventually walked back.

It was worth it, was lobster night!

Lobsters + wine + fishing buddies = a very fun and delicious evening.   :)

Mark was nice enough to crack lobsters for both me and Granny, even though he doesn't eat seafood himself. I inhaled everything he put in front of me.

The last thing Mark had hoped to do on the trip was go fishing. After it got dark we walked over to his parents' camper and met up with his dad. I didn't want to go fishing myself, but I figured it would be fun to take some nighttime beach pictures, so I tagged along.

It was a good way to try out my travel tripod...

...and the moon was so bright that my long exposures almost looked like daytime pictures.

It seemed like we had only been out there a few minutes when Mark caught a fish! It was a 26" striped bass. He was pretty happy.   :)

I went back to taking pictures while they fished. It turned out that Mark was the only one that caught a fish while we were out.

There were a lot of stars...I bet you could have seen more if the moon wasn't so bright.

They eventually wrapped up their fishing and we walked back. Mark and I packed a little bit, then went to bed. As nice as it would have been to stay longer, we'd be flying home in the morning.

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