Saturday, September 12, 2015

August 28th: Home We Go

Surprise, surprise, I slept bad. I always seem to do that the night before we fly somewhere on a trip. Oh well. We got up, had breakfast, and packed up our stuff...

...including all the sand dollars we'd found. This wasn't even all of them!

We walked down to the beach to get one last look. It had been really nice to come back this year...I certainly wouldn't mind coming back again sometime! We walked back to the house, loaded up the car, said goodbye to everyone, then drove to Brunswick.

There were actually people there this time! We packed up the plane, topped off, and took off.

Since it was kind of on the way out, we figured we'd fly past Popham Beach, so we headed south.

The fort looked pretty cool from the air.

This was the stretch of beach we ran along; the house was back in the trees right on that little lake.

We flew out over Seguin, too.

There was a nice view of the Morse River...

...and Fox Island, too. You can just see where the sandbar sits below the water.

We flew around for a few minutes, then eventually said goodbye to the beach. We'll get back there again sometime!

Since we were already closer to the south side of Portland's airspace, we decided to just stay low offshore and fly under the airspace shelf instead of flying all the way back to the north to go around it. We flew over this little lighthouse in the middle of nowhere along the way.

That's Portland waaaaay out in the distance. We were pretty far offshore, but it saved us a lot of time.

We flew over some pretty fancy houses, too. I can't imagine how much they cost to be right on the water like that!

We eventually got back to land and started making our way south. There was a scattered to broken cloud layer that I wasn't sure I could top, so we stayed under the clouds. It was kind of bumpy, but at least visibility was good. I took this somewhere in New Hampshire.

I think this is Mount Monadnock. It's near Keene, NH. I remember seeing it from the ramp when we flew into Keene years ago.

We stopped at Orange County again to top off since it was such a nice stop on the way up. This time we got lunch, too! I had shrimp and avocado tacos and fried cheese curds, and it was by far one of the best airport meals I've ever had. If you ever find yourself in the area, go there!

The weather cooperated for the rest of the flight home, though we had to stay below the clouds and dodge more airspace. I was getting pretty tired from the lack of sleep and the bumps, but we eventually made it home just fine in just under 6 hours of flying time. It was a really nice trip...I'm glad everything worked out and we got to go!  :)

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