Monday, September 14, 2015

August Flying Recap

Total hours flown in August: 18.3
Total hours flown year to date: 65

August 3rd: I didn't log any flight time from this, but I went flying with Dave in his C210. It was a really nice day so we buzzed around the area a bit, then he let me shoot an instrument approach back into HWY.

August 4th: 1.8 in the C172. I don't have any pictures from that flight, but I finished my IPC and I'm officially IFR current! I spent the rest of the day hanging out at Shannon (EZF) with Dave. They have a cool little snack counter, so we grabbed lunch while we were there.

August 5th 4.0 in the C172. Flew up to 17N and back and took my parents out to lunch for my dad's birthday. I wound up catching up with a couple airport buddies before we left, including my buddy Bill that I hadn't seen in a couple years. The return flight was a Pilots N Paws flight to bring Lola back to VA; we had flown her up to NJ in the spring, but the foster home in NJ wasn't quite working out so we brought her back down to the rescue organization here in VA. It was a nice smooth flight both ways, and Lola did just fine on the flight back.

She might be a big ball of crazy on the ground, but she's very well behaved in the air!

August 11th: 1.0 in the C172. I did my own oil change (with LOTS of supervision from my mechanic). I flew a little bit before I started and flew over our favorite winery, Molon Lave, since it's so close.

I only spilled some oil, not all of it.   :)

August 22nd: 5.7 in the C172. We flew to Maine! And ate cheese and crackers along the way. It was a really nice flight with one fuel stop; you can read more about this one in my previous posts.

August 28th: 5.8 in the C172. We flew home from Maine after overflying the beach where we had stayed. It was a nice flight, though a little bumpy, and we stopped for fuel and lunch in NY. You can read more about this flight in my previous post, too.

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