Monday, October 12, 2015

September Flying Recap

Hours flown in September: 0
Total hours flown for the year: 65

So...I got back from Maine, the C172 went into the annual inspection,and this is where we are now:

I mean, having TWO fuel tanks is just redundant, right?

It turns out that my fuel leak was not a gasket problem but an actual crack in the tank. They pulled the tank out, sent it out for repair, and it will hopefully be back in the plane soon. It's been frustrating to miss so much of the good fall flying weather, but since this will push next year's annual date further back into the year, at least I shouldn't have to deal with this again anytime soon.

In the meantime, I've had pretty bad luck with weather and timing and still haven't gotten the C120 back in the air, but I'm not giving up yet. I've been catching up on some stuff at home, too, and a few weeks ago I got to tag along with my buddy Dave on a Pilots N Paws flight to South Carolina in his C210.

The weather was gorgeous that day, and we made it to an airport a bit west of Charleston to pick up these guys. They made some messes in the FBO, so I'm guessing the people at the airport weren't sad to see us take off...

Almost immediately, the darker dog climbed into the middle row of seats and curled up. The yellow dog made sad faces for a few minutes...

...before realizing that he could climb into the seats, too. They spent the rest of the flight napping, and aside from the FBO messes it was a great trip!   :)

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