Monday, November 23, 2015

Goodbye Iceland, Hello Norway!

You know what's loads of fun? Waking up insanely early to catch a 4:30am bus to the airport. You know what's even more loads of fun? Getting up to catch said bus when you stayed up a bit later than you meant to, enjoying some, um, adult beverages, then slept like poo. Saw THAT coming. Oh was time to head to Norway!

They changed our seat assignments at the last minute and I lost my window seat, so I tried to nap as much as I could to fend off any potential airsickness from not being able to look outside. (Yes, I know I'm a pilot...but if I'm not the one flying or sitting up front, it still gets to me after a while.) That worked until the lady next to me that DID have the window seat decided she needed to buy half the duty free catalog. I swear, it's the first time I've ever seen anyone buy something out of one of those. It took her a slightly ridiculous amount of time to pick the perfect necklace and pay for it, and by that point we were almost ready to land. So much for a nap.

We connected in Oslo and getting off the plane and through the terminal was really easy, so we at least had plenty of time for lunch. We grabbed a couple sandwiches, then boarded our next flight.

Goodbye, Oslo...someday I'll spend more than a short layover in your airport!

The further north we got, the more snow we saw. Most of the view was obscured by clouds, but every once in a while I could see some snow-capped mountains.

A little while later we started descending into our next stop: Tromso! It's above the Arctic Circle, and while it didn't look like the weather was going to cooperate to see the Northern Lights, we figured we'd go as far north as we could and at least try.   :)

We landed just fine, then grabbed our bags and our rental car. The hotel was only a few minutes away (though we spent half the drive in a crazy long tunnel, complete with traffic circles, and wound up parking there, too). We found dinner at a restaurant across the street, then made tea at the hotel and spent the rest of the night relaxing in our room (where I also learned that my laptop was broken, yay). Between the crummy sleep the night before and the long travel day, we were beat, so we figured we'd spend the night catching up on sleep so we'd be ready for the next day.

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