Saturday, November 21, 2015

Rainy Reykjavik

The next day was a bit dreary, but I still wanted to squeeze in a run while we had the chance. Off we went!

We ran down along the water and took a short break for a few pictures when we reached the Sun Voyager statue. It was a little cold and rainy, but overall really not bad for a run.

After a little while we turned around and ran back to the hotel. The big blocky thing in the distance is Harpa, their concert hall. We ran past that, too, and they had an outdoor photography display that we walked through as we went past. My watch beeped over to three miles right as we got back to the hotel...not bad for a vacation run!

We grabbed showers, then decided to skip the hotel breakfast and go to a nearby cafe instead. We spent most of the morning wandering through various stores in the downtown area.

I made sure we stopped for lamb hot dogs for lunch. They are REALLY good...I think it's the crunchy fried onions that make it. We even split a second one, then went over to The English Pub for some post-lunch whiskey before heading back out to wander through more stores and art galleries.

We eventually wound up at Hallgrimskirkja. We thought about going inside, but a huuuuuge bus group was unloading just as we walked around to the front. We settled for a picture outside instead.

We wandered around for a little longer, then eventually made our way back to the room to spend a bit of time packing (our flight out was scheduled to leave disgustingly early the next morning). I got my stuff mostly packed while Mark tried to figure out where to get some kjotsupa (lamb soup) for dinner. We found some at a little cafe, then walked over to Dillon, a really neat whiskey bar.

They had a really good selection and some really tasty mixed drinks, too. The bartender was awesome and fun to talk to (and really knew his whiskey stuff!).

What better way to wrap up our last day in Iceland than with one last delicious hot dog?  :)

We went back to the hotel, where Mark ordered us some port and a couple fancy donuts. (I think he called it 'poor decision port' when he told me what he got.) We checked in to our flights, then went up to the room to finish packing and get at least a little sleep. 4am was going to come quick!

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