Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Very Snowy Beach

While the previous stop had been pretty cool, I was even more excited about the next one. We followed the plow, eventually came to a parking lot at the end of the road...

...followed a snowy path for a short walk...

...and made it to Reynisfjara! It's a black sand beach on the southern coast, just outside the town of Vik.

It looked especially cool with the snow on the sand. It was still snowing when we first got there.

I was trying to take a picture of the two of us when a nice guy standing nearby came over and offered to take a picture for us. Much better!   :)

The snow was coming down pretty good for a little while; you couldn't see very far down the beach.

I especially liked the texture of the sand. Some of it was fine, but there were big areas of small smooth pebbles, like you might see in an aquarium.

One section of the rocks was a series of basalt columns.

The snow started to let up after a little while...

...and the scenery was surreal. Sorry there are so many pictures...I could have stayed here all day taking pictures!

It was pretty cool to look up, could just make out birds flying around through the mist.

We walked a little way down the beach and found a small cave in the rocks.

It was just a little cold and windy.   :)

We walked around and watched the waves a bit longer...

...then started to walk back up toward the car.

I loved the colors! It was so peaceful.  :)

We decided to stop in the little cafe near the parking lot before we left. Turns out we had pretty good timing...we had just ordered lunch when a bus full of people pulled up! We watched them pile out of the bus and down the path while we ate.

Mmm...kjotsupa and coffee. It was all really tasty. We finished up and hopped back in the car. There was more driving to do!

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