Friday, January 1, 2016

A Very Snowy Waterfall

We woke up the next morning when Mark's alarm went off, so I guess there hadn't been any Northern Lights overnight. Oh well...the extra sleep was going to help with the long day we had planned. We had breakfast at the hotel's buffet (which had an insane amount of delicious food), then hit the road just as the sun started to rise.

The road was mostly empty, especially when we first set out. We drove for about an hour, then made our first stop of the day...

...Skogafoss!   :)

We were the first ones to get there that morning, and the path of footsteps from the day before had been mostly covered up by the fresh snow. We started walking what we thought was the right way, but only made it a few steps before we heard *crunch crunch crackle CRACK* and fell through the snow-covered ice into the water. Hahaha oops!! At least the water wasn't very deep where we fell through. We bolted back up to the edge of the parking lot, regrouped, and found a different (and less wet) path to the waterfall.

It was pretty cool to be able to get so close. We didn't walk too much further because we didn't want to risk falling in (again).

This was the view looking out from the waterfall. We had the whole place to ourselves until the very end, just as we left.

We stayed a little longer...

...then followed our footprints back toward the car, with a brief stop so Mark could read the signs off to the side.

We made our way back to the car and started driving toward the next stop. We saw a few cars along the way, though the road was still pretty quiet. It's a good thing they mark the edge of the road with the yellow reflectors, otherwise you'd have no idea where to drive!

Our next stop wasn't very far away, and we turned off the Ring Road onto a smaller side road. The road was narrow, but we lucked out and wound up right behind a plow, so it wasn't a bad ride.

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