Thursday, January 7, 2016

Time To Leave...Boooooo!

We woke up when our alarm went off the next morning, so there must not have been Northern Lights overnight (not like that was a surprise, given how hard it was snowing when we went to bed). We packed up our bags, stuffed ourselves again at the buffet breakfast, and checked out. As much as I didn't want to leave, it was time to head home.

The weather was fairly good for the drive, and it took about two hours to get through Reykjavik and back to the airport.

We were almost back to the airport when I took this, was I sad to leave.

We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare, turned in the rental car, and went to the terminal. We had to wait a while to check in because we were so early. but the ticket counter eventually opened up, we checked in, and cleared security fairly quickly. We had plenty of time to hit up the duty free whiskey section and grab lunch before clearing customs and heading out to the plane.

We had to wait for a few shuttle buses of people after we boarded. I had a window seat and Mark had the aisle, and we lucked out...nobody had the middle seat! It took a little while but everyone eventually boarded. The plane got stuck because of all the ice on the taxiway, but they eventually worked us free and it was time to leave.

When I upload pictures for my posts, I usually just type a word or two as a placeholder for when I go back and actually write the post. The placeholder for this picture was 'booooooo'. I've never been so sad to leave Iceland as I was on this trip!

We at least got a sweet view of the airport as we climbed out. I watched the coast until it disappeared behind us, then pulled out my Kindle. WOW doesn't have any inflight entertainment, so it was a good thing I had downloaded a couple new books before we left.

The flight was uneventful and we eventually got back to the US. We had a great view of Manhattan on the way back.

We flew right over Philly on the way back to Baltimore, too. My brother lives in Philly; I sent him this picture after we landed and told him that I waved when I flew over but I didn't see him wave back.   :)

Overall, this was a fantastic trip, and probably the best trip I've ever had to Iceland. It was absolutely beautiful in the winter, and while Reykjavik is a cool city, it was a lot of fun to stay in different places for a change and go at our own pace with the rental car. I'm not sure yet when I'll get back to Iceland, but I know I will someday!

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