Friday, February 19, 2016

Yes, I'm Still Alive

So! It's been a bit longer than normal since my last post. I wish it was because I was too busy doing super exciting things to even think about posting here, but it's more like the opposite: I've barely been flying, I'm training for a half marathon (mostly on the treadmill with how cold it's been), and they've been handing out overtime like candy at work, so I just haven't done anything worth posting here. A few snippets from the past few weeks:

In January I got to go for a ride in this very shiny Baron. What a cool plane! It has a glass cockpit and lots of room in the back; I sat in one of the fancy backward-facing seats on the way down to Richmond, then got to sit up front in the right seat on the way back. It even smelled like new airplane.   :)

We had a pretty big snowstorm in late January. This is what our yard looked like before...

...and this is what we woke up to the next morning. No, we did not make it to work that day (though we were able to dig out and get there early the next morning).

I didn't mind the snow day, though...I had plenty of Legos to keep me busy when I needed a break from shoveling.   :)

My brother was supposed to visit in January but had to cancel because of the snowstorm. I decided to use the time to completely clean my office, so I piled everything on the floor and started sorting. It looked like my closet threw up. I'm finally getting near the end of this took a loooong time, but my office looks so much better now.

I got to see a HondaJet up close (and sit in it!). My hangar neighbors are buying one; theirs should be delivered sometime in 2017. The company flew the demo plane up so they could fly it, and they held an open house in their hangar after the flight so everyone could get a closer look. It was really cool (and my hangar neighbors are super nice people - they're the same ones with the Baron I got the ride in above), and it will be really cool to have the plane on the airport!

That's most of what's been going on lately. I haven't flown my planes in way longer than I'd like to admit between weather and work, though I do have a student now so at least I've been flying here and there with her in a C152. The overtime should be lightening up for a little while (I hope), and my half marathon kicks off this year's travel in early April, so I'm hoping to have more time to adventure soon. In the meantime, my office has never looked better, and I've managed to get up to 9 miles on the treadmill without being so bored that I fell asleep on my feet. Here's hoping for better weather, more time, and more adventures soon!

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