Saturday, July 16, 2016

Back to NJ...

Remember how I said I'd see my family a lot sooner than I expected when I flew home from buying the Mustang? I wound up seeing them the very next day. I got a call right before going to work that afternoon that my dad wasn't breathing and they were taking him to the hospital. He wound up spending several days in intensive care, part of that under sedation, then spent several more days in a normal room before being transferred to a rehab facility to get his strength back. It turned out to be double pneumonia; his oxygen levels got so low that he stopped breathing and his heart stopped. He's incredibly lucky and is doing much better now, and is also taking much better care of himself. I had started to write a full blog post on the whole thing and just couldn't. I know what happened, I wrote it all up for myself, and that's good enough.

I will at least share this. It made me laugh every time I went to the hospital gift shop, so I eventually bought it.   :)

And this. I was up there for a week and a half and Mom's birthday was the day before I left. Zach and I left the hospital a little early that afternoon and got a few things to throw her a mini party. Mom especially likes when Zach uses the grabby hand thing to grab all the things.

So! On to more happy things. I'll have more posts up soon!

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