Monday, July 11, 2016

Back to Virginia

We were up bright and early the next morning. The weather looked was time to head home!

Good thing Dave's plane is bigger than mine...we both bought a few things at Sun N Fun. The FBO was fairly busy, so we loaded up, did the preflight, had them tow us out to the ramp...

...and then couldn't get the plane to start. Half the electrical stuff died when Dave turned the master switch on, and the flap motor even stopped working halfway through lowering the flaps. Just as I was starting to think that we'd be spending another day in Florida, we figured it out...Dave's cheap iPad charger in the cigarette lighter was shorting something out. We removed the charger, got a jump from the FBO, and the plane was fine. Nice.

We picked up our IFR clearance, got our release, and finally got off the ground. Bye, Kissimmee!

I normally prefer to fly VFR, but in this case it was a good thing ATC was looking out for us...there was traffic everywhere. We eventually climbed above most of it and made our way north.

I think this was near Amelia Island in northern Florida. I wish I was based at an airport that close to the beach!

Most of the first leg of the trip was within sight of the ocean. We made decent time, though we didn't have the nice tailwinds that we saw on the flight down.

We stopped at Low Country (RBW) again to top off and take a break before heading home. The second flight went just fine, too, and despite the later start we still made it back around mid-afternoon. Overall it had been a really cool was cool to finally check out Sun N Fun!

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