Sunday, July 10, 2016

Night Airshow!

We eventually finished dinner, wandered around a bit more, and made our way back to our chairs. Time for the night airshow!

The P-51 against the sunset was especially nice.   :)

The Aeroshell Team flew again. They had some pretty cool lights in the cowlings.

After it got a bit darker, the Golden Knights did a bunch of jumps. I wish the picture I took of them in freefall turned out better; when they all split up from the formation dive it looked like fireworks!

Gene Soucy flew again, too.

I have no idea how they rig up the fireworks to shoot off the wings. That's crazy!

 The little Sonex jet flew, too; it had LED lights all down the sides that changed color.

The night ended with a really good fireworks show. It was a nice way to end our time at Sun N Fun. While there was actually one more day left to the show, Dave and I would be flying back to VA the next morning.

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