Saturday, July 9, 2016

Last Day at Sun N Fun!

Our last day in Florida was bright and sunny...we really had good luck with the weather on this trip! We made our way down to Lakeland pretty early, dropped off our chairs by the flightline for the afternoon airshow, then spent part of the morning in a "Pilot-Induced Emergency" seminar that did an analysis of JFK Jr.'s accident, which was pretty interesting. We made our way back into the display area after that...there were more things to see!

Saturday had a fun treat...a car show! I sent Mark this picture and told him it was so nice of them to put my two dream cars next to each other: a classic Mustang, and an El Camino (which Mark can't stand).

I was impressed by the turnout - there were a lot of neat cars!

I'll take this one, thank you.   :)

The Mini was super tiny.

This was apparently some sort of electric mail truck. It was definitely one of the more, um, unusual cars there.

Dave and I eventually wandered back to the airplanes and walked through the Warbird area. We stopped to watch them start up the B-17.

The F-22 was out on display, too.

They had a few big military cargo planes on display, and you could walk through them. We went in a couple of them (though I forget exactly which ones). Some of them were could easily throw a giant party in the back. It was early afternoon by the time we finished drooling on the big planes, so we grabbed lunch and went to the flightline to catch the afternoon airshow.

Kirby Chambliss flew...

...and the B-17 did a few flybys.

I forget which performer had explosions, but one of them made this smoke ring. The wind was somehow just right and it held together for a few minutes, right over the crowd. I think more people may have been watching this than the airplanes!

Greg Koontz did his Flying Farmer routine. I like how they were chasing him with a big gun.   :)

He ended by landing on top of the truck. That is some crazy stuff!

Kirby Chambliss and Mike Goulian did another Red Bull Air Race Demo. I don't remember who won...

...but it was pretty cool when Kirby hit the pylon. (They're designed to break without hurting the airplanes.)

The F-22 did another demo...

...and Skip Stewart did some crazy low-level aerobatics.

The afternoon airshow ended with the Breitling Jet Team.

It was a good show!

Normally Dave and I would have left after the airshow, but Saturday night was special...not only was it our last night of the trip, but there would be a night airshow! We grabbed dinner, then wandered around a bit to kill time before it began.

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