Sunday, November 13, 2016

October 18th: Bell Rock Pathway

It only took a couple minutes to get back to Timmy and Tara's house after our hike. I took a little bit of time to upload my pictures, then Tara and I hung out for a bit while I ate some nachos for lunch. (Mmm, nachos...) After lunch, Canyon needed a nap and Timmy and Tara needed to work for a little while. I had the entire afternoon free, though, so Tara gave me some sweet hiking maps and pointed me a few minutes down the road toward some more great hiking.

A very short (maybe five minutes?) drive later, it was time to hike Bell Rock Pathway!

Bell Rock and Courthouse Rock are right next to each other, and Tara had pointed out a few trails that looped around both of them.

It was pretty cool to be so close to Bell Rock after seeing it from our hike in the morning.

I also liked all the cactus hiding in the rocks.   :)

There were some pretty good views looking away from Bell Rock, too. You really have to work hard to take bad pictures here.

There was a great view of Hiline, too; it's about halfway up the big rock on the left side of the picture.

After a little while I was about halfway around Bell Rock itself.

I bumped into a couple at one point and they offered to take my picture. I made sure to return the favor!

The trail splits after a little while and you have the option to do the Bell Rock Climb. I wasn't going to turn that down!

It was definitely worth the detour.  :)

That's Courthouse Rock on the left and Bell Rock on the right.

The trail goes along a lot of open rocky areas, but it was pretty well marked.

After a little while the trail drifted over toward Courthouse Rock.

These were the trail markers. It was pretty fun to follow them around, especially since I didn't exactly know where the trail would wind up.

I followed the trail for a while and eventually made my way back down to the Bell Rock Pathway. The views had been great, but there was still more hiking to do!

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